Updated 2/16/2012

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Overview Documents dealing with the concerns of the Episcopal Forum of South Carolina

Click on any title below to see the document. All are in pdf format. If you would like the latest free version of Adobe Reader, click here.

All Saints Parish, Waccamaw, Inc.: "A Case in Controversy" (1/9/12)

Letter to EFSC regarding Applicability of Resoultion NAC023 to the Diocese of South Carolina (09/22/2011)

Episcopal Forum letter to the Province IV House of Bishops (11/9/10)

Letter from The Episcopal Church responding to the Episcopal Forum (10/25/10)

Episcopal Forum letter to The Episcopal Church Executive Council and House of Bishops concerning alienation and disassociation of the Diocese of South Carolina from The Episcopal Church (8/24/10)

From the Presiding Bishop: A pastoral letter to The Episcopal Church. Pentecost continues! (6/2/10)

Covenant - a Sermon by the Rev. Dr. Frances H Wade (4/11/10)

Statement on South Carolina by the Anglican Communion Institute (4/3/10) and comments thereon by Mark Harris (4/5/10)

Report on the 3/26/10 Diocesan Convention by Barbara Mann

Critique of Episcopal Forum's ad by The Very Rev. Dr. Peter C. Moore (3/17/10)

"Enthusiastically Episcopalian," address by the Rev. Dr. Francis H. Wade to the Episcopal Forum of SC (3/06/10)

Note to EFSC from Bonnie Anderson 3/6/10

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori tells of mounting tension in the Diocese of South Carolina (2/19/10)

A Brief History of the Ongoing Disassociation of the Diocese of SC from the Episcopal Church (11/3/09)

My analysis of "The Fix We're In" by The Rev. Ben Smith - 11/23/09

Remarks by John Vanderstar at the Episcopal Forum Dec. 5, 2009, Charleston, SC

Ten Reasons to Remain an Episcopalian (Oct. 2009)

A Letter to the Active Clergy of the Diocese of South Carolina (8/10/09)

Answers to Prepared Walkabout Questions for the Episcopal Nominees (II): Mark Lawrence (9/9/06)