Updated 02/25/2015

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African Americans in the Church - 2/28

Two Educational Conferences yet to go in 2015
Exploring & celebrating intersections of scripture, society and The Episcopal Church
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Feb 28, 9:30-2:00, St. Stephen's Episcopal, N. Myrtle Beach
"African Americans in the Church"

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Mar 21, 9:30-2:00, St. Stephen's Episcopal, Charleston
"LBGT Persons in the Church"
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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Episcopal Forum is to support The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, The Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion by providing support and educational offerings, including an annual educational conference that:

Preserves the heritage and inclusivity of The Episcopal Church.

Promotes unity within diversity.

Explores a broad range of Scriptural understandings.

Encourages Episcopalians with different perspectives to find common ground in their ministry.

The Episcopal Forum will accomplish its mission through:

Consultation with the Bishop and the Diocesan Council of The Episcopal Church in South Carolina.

Regular communications (e.g. web site, public media, direct mailings, etc.)

Growing the membership, which is free and open to all interested persons.

Donations and conference fees.

Other support as needed or which is requested by the Bishop or Diocesan Council.

Membership is free and open to all Episcopalians. Members and their church affiliations are listed on the Episcopal Forum web site at their option. There are no required meetings and no dues. Members endorse its mission statement and voluntarily support its communication activities. All funding is from donations, and the Episcopal Forum of South Carolina is a 501(c)(3) not for profit South Carolina corporation.